With excellent uPVC fascias and soffits from the SL Group, you can improve the exterior of your home and protect it from British weather.

Fascias and soffits are important components of UK homes; our soffit and fascia board replacements are constructed of high-quality uPVC, which is low-maintenance and will never crack, peel, or flake. These may be used in conjunction with uPVC trim, cladding, gutters, and bargeboards on any style of property, from modern apartments to traditional bungalows.

uPVC Soffits

A soffit is a vented soffit board that runs beneath the fascia board, spanning the space between the roof edge and the side of your home, providing an eye-catching, customisable finish to your roofline.

Coloured soffit boards are available in plain or wood-effect finishes. By matching the colour of your roofline, uPVC soffits will complete your installation and improve the visual appeal of your home. The most popular colour choices are white, brown, and black.

uPVC Fascia Boards

Fascias must be sturdy and able to support a lot of weight since they are linked to the vented soffit board and lie below the bottom row of roof tiles and gutters. Replacing outdated timber fascias with uPVC fascia boards gives your roofline the strength and longevity it needs.

Fascias come in four basic styles: Flat Fascia, Square Fascia, Round Fascia, and Ogee Fascia (a curved ornamental fascia board type with a scalloped edge), with board colour possibilities including classic white, brown, and black, which can be matched to the colour of replacement soffits and guttering.

We would recommend that you replace your house’s guttering, downpipes, cladding, trim, and bargeboards at the same time as its fascias and soffits; this is a cost-effective method to update the outside of your home and its roofline all at once to ensure coordination.

Stylish with a finishing touch

New uPVC fascias, soffits, guttering, downpipes, and bargeboards will add a sleek and stylish touch to your home. Choose from a variety of different patterns and colours, all of which will improve the visual appeal of your home. This, along with our highlighted soffit boards, will give your home an appearance that is unique to you.

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