Who does the block paving installation?

Block paving is often installed by driveway professionals since they understand the proper manner to place and interlock the stones. You will be assured a flawless driveway if you hire a reliable firm such as the SL Group to install the blocked paving; we will work with you to ensure you have a design and pattern you prefer, and will also assist you in choosing the correct colour to complement the style of your house or the surroundings.

The time it takes depends on the size of the area to be paved, but it normally takes a few days to carry out excavation, provision of a base, installation, and finishing.

How is block paving laid?

The process of installing block pavement begins with site preparation and excavation. Depending on the property and whether or not there is an existing roadway, the site will need to be assessed and dug. If you have soft terrain or soft places, you may need to construct a sub base to give a sturdier foundation.

The site will need to be edged out so that you have a defined area in which to dig and lay out the block paving; every block paving comes with a standard sub-foundation. The area is then compacted with a compactor, and then a layer of sand will be spread on top, which will be raked and tested for levelness with string lines and screeding rails.

The installer will then begin to lay the block paving, ensuring that it is set out in the required pattern and that the colours flow cohesively for the chosen design. They will utilise blocks from several different packs to guarantee that there are no significant differences in the shading of colour patches.

After the blocks have been set, kiln dried sand will be brushed into the joints and compressed using a vibrating plate to reinforce the interlocking and ensure the blocks are laid level. The procedure will be repeated to verify that no joints are left unfilled.

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